S.C. Tennis specialises in providing top doubles coaching services in South West London and in the Algarve, Portugal by some of the top female coaches in the area. Based at The National Tennis Centre, Barn Elms Sports Centre and  Wimbledon Park, S.C. Tennis offers a variety of doubles opportunities for any age or level.  S.C. Tennis focuses on doubles to encourage more people to play, to socialise and continue to play throughout their lifetime.





S.C. Tennis offers a large amount of classes and services ranging from private lessons, to doubles workshops, match analysis and much more. Come along for a free trial and to see what's on offer!


S.C. Tennis focuses on doubles training in all of the sessions.  From shot selcetion to starategies you will learn how to be an effective doubles player whatever your level.

Tennis Holidays

Tennis holidays in the Algarve are for doubles players looking to have a high volume of hours on court learning the strategies and tactics needed to be an effective doubles player whilst enjoying the beautiful country of Portugal.