Sophie has a Masters in Sports Psychology which she has been using to develop tennis players both in individual and group settings.  After initial consultations Sophie works with players to develop a self-awareness of their game, understanding the pressures that they feel and working with them to form concise plans of how to deal with certain situations.  She has helped players control their anxiety, increase their confidence and improve their overall performance in both practice and matches.  For more information on how she can help you or your player please contact her directly.

 You can listen to Sophie chat about performance anxiety and doubles in a podcast with Courtside Dad:


My Tennis Brain


After working in the field for several years Sophie developed a Sports Psychology book for tennis players called My Tennis Brain. 

My Tennis Brain is a sports psychology journal for tennis players to take charge of their mental game and monitor and record their performances in both training and matches.  It works on taking control of the small things that players can do consistently to help with issues such as self-confidence, performance anxiety, motivation, and focus.  There are three sections to the journal; the first gets players to know their own game and what they want to achieve, their strengths and weaknesses mentally and plans of action going forward.  The second is to record and reflect in both practice sessions and matches and the third gives them exercises to practice to enhance their mental performances.  It is a must have tool for players and a great way to communicate for coaches and parents.


'Since starting using My Tennis Brain I have already felt calmer when playing my matches.  It makes me feel prepared for any situation that might happen and I know how I'm going to deal with any difficulties'  Morgan, age 15.

'I love filling in the different sections of My Tennis Brain, it made me realise which areas of my brain I need to work on and the exercises at the back give me some things to practice.  It's really useful having something to write in after my matches and helps me remember what I need to work on'.  Alex, age 13.

'My Tennis Brain has been a huge success with my two daughters, they use it almost every day and it is great to have after matches when I often don't know what to say to them.  They then show it to their coach who can get an idea of what happen in their matches and what to work on. It's a must have for any tennis parent!' Inga