My Tennis Brain - the Sports Psychology Journal


Introducing 'My Tennis Brain' - the tennis players’ journal to incorporate mental conditioning into their regular training routine.  Aimed at ages 10 upwards, it has been designed as a valuable tool for players, coaches and parents to make Sports Psychology as accessible as the other performance factors of tennis. 

As a Sports Psychologist and Performance Coach I have written this journal to encourage players to take regular steps towards building mental tools they can use to perform at their best.  It is vital that coaches train their pupils to regularly work on the mental side of their game which is not always easy to do.  My Tennis Brain is a fantastic way to communicate with your pupils, getting to know their thoughts and feelings about both practice and matches.  It can be used to help self-confidence, cope with performance anxiety and help them prepare for matches.

The journal is divided into 4 easy-to-use sections:

1. Self-awareness - getting to know their game and what they need to work on mentally

2. Practice sessions - multiple detailed sheets to record and reflect practice

3. Matches - multiple detailed sheets to record and reflect matches

4.  Exercises to practice to build mental resources


RRP £14.95 plus postage and packaging