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Level 2 – which shots to use when both up v 1 up 1 back.

This video shows the best shot selection for players in both up v 1 up 1 back. The players will be staggered in AVP and CVP, the net player in CVP will have the job of sending the ball back cross court to the baseliner until their partner in AVP receives a ball that they can put away. As the player in CVP is further away from the net to protect the lob it is unlikely they will get the correct ball to be able to hit a winner, instead they should see themselves as their partner’s backstop, scooping up anything that is out of their reach and keeping pressure on the opposing baseliner. The player in AVP should maintain their position making it hard for the baseliner to see any spaces, they should not move over to cover their line leaving the middle exposed.

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